Size Chart

Crotch and height are essential for determining size.

The horse in particular is important in determining the out-of-saddle position that will be obtained on each measurement, and this will lead to a more or less wide gap between the saddle and the handlebars.

The ideal on most bicycles is to have the saddle higher than the handlebars, this applies in particular to racing bikes, mountain bikes and gravel bikes.

On racing bikes, a more aggressive, "loaded" forward position is an excellent thing, and therefore a rather high gap between the saddle and handlebars is sought. Obviously at this stage it is vitally important to keep your body size and flexibility in mind. A practical example: if I have a bit of a belly and the flexibility of a dry piece of wood, imagining a large gap between the saddle and the handlebars could in the first case cause a crisis in my breathing, in the second it could hurt me a lot. It's best to get there slowly.

You shouldn't even have the saddle lower than the handlebars, unless it's a classic city bike, because this way you risk a too upright position, which isn't ideal over long distances: more the back it is straight, plus all the blows are absorbed directly by the spine, and this is not the best.

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